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How to Adapt to Digital Marketing Without Burning a Hole in Your Pocket

Digital Marketing

The prospect of spending for marketing activities can sometimes derail plans of starting a business or divesting into new market spaces, however, there are several ways that you can employ with similar effects but does not burn a hole in your pocket thanks to digital marketing.
You don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for your digital marketing campaigns because you can be your own digital marketing manager.

Here are some of the most effective yet cost-friendly digital marketing solutions that can get you results.

Mobile Ads:
Today, there are around 1.47 billion active mobile device users who access their devices every day.
What’s more, desktop ads cost more than mobile ads so if you plan to stretch your marketing budget, consider focusing a sizable portion of it on mobile campaigns. On Google and Facebook, you can get started with a few dollars and immediately start setting up mobile campaigns by allocating your marketing funds to ads that run on smartphones.

Cross-channel remarketing and retargeting:
This is a clever marketing approach where it involves ads replayed on the same platforms where targeted consumers have seen them on.  When a consumer clicks on your Google AdWords placements but did not end up in a conversion, you could still continue to use Google AdWords on the same platform, but this time with similar or different ads that would show up when clicked.
Cross-channel remarketing- similar in concept to retargeting- enables ads on additional or a variety of platforms. When a consumer clicks on an AdWords ad and does not convert, it will show ads to that same person on Facebook or other sites. One of the biggest advantages you can get out of it is it allows you to combine the power of platforms driven by demand such as Google and Bing and combining it with the power of behavior-based platforms such as Facebook.

Bing search network campaign:
If you are already a fan of Google, you might have missed another key player that is also mostly used by US consumers- Bing.Statistics show that 30 percent of searchers in the US use Bing on a regular basis and it turns out that Bing comprises a sizable portion of the US search market.
Aside from the Bing, Yahoo, and MSN sits, Bing is usually installed as the default web search tool on, Kindle Fire, Apple’s Siri, Tweitter, Amazon Fire Phone, Xbox, and Windows, just to name a few.
You can add your Adwords to Bing simply by importing your Google ads which begins by creating a Bing account and follow a step-by-step guide to importing your Google Adwords data.
With the right set of digital marketing tools and knowledge of digital marketing fundamentals, your business could turn out to be your best digital marketing company that can guarantee you with optimal market coverage and recognition.…

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