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Top 5 Ways Businesses Benefit from Server Virtualization

Server Virtualization is not a trend in IT; rather it is a necessity.  But its importance and full potentials still need to be explored. Besides cutting on energy cost, quicker system provisioning, reduced dependency on physical servers, it also facilitates speedier data recovery in times of system failures and disasters.

It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that Server Virtualization is a revolutionary technological solution for IT. It has presented companies with the ability to perform functions which were not possible with the physical system. For a business point of view, it is a much cost-effective IT management solution for them.

Server virtualization can bring a positive change in any business. But still, businesses are finding it a daunting task to move to a virtual system. With many established providers of managed IT services Virginia Beach, you can easily make the transition and reap the benefits it has to offer.

Reduced Hardware Costs

Most businesses find it impossible to register the fact that most servers are highly under-utilized only using 5-15% of their capacity. Since in a cloud computing approach a single physical server holds multiple virtual systems, hardware operation increases significantly.

Faster Server Provisioning and Deployment

Server virtualization facilitates quick system provisioning and deployment making it easier to clone an existing machine. Besides being cost-effective, it saves a lot of time spent on buying and installing a new server. Additionally, physical servers mean stacks and racks of cables and wires, which only eat space and money. A few network services company also provides data center virtualization service. For businesses operating with a considerable amount of data, data center virtualization can help them keep a back up of all their vital data resources safe and secure.

Greatly Improved Disaster Recovery

One of the most significant advantages of server virtualization is that it enables the movement of a virtual machine from one server to another that too within no time. It facilities companies with the ability to quickly and effectively back-up their data by creating a duplicate site. Many of these server virtualization platforms have inbuilt software that automates the fail over in case of a disaster. If any data breach befalls on your data center, the server will automatically start taking measure to keep its data safe and enable its quick recovery.

Significant Energy Cost Savings

Moving from physical servers to virtual ones means you would only require fewer physical machines. This can have a considerable impact of the cooling and power cost. It will get significantly reduced. The money saved can be used elsewhere in the business. Server consolidation has proved to be a practical solution to reduce energy costs. Besides saving on the power cost, it enables servers to power down without affecting other systems.

Increased Productivity

With only a few physical servers, there would be fewer systems to maintain, ultimately reducing the time invested in managing them. Server virtualization enables system provided within a very short span of time. Besides cutting on maintenance cost, it leaves ample time with your IT staff to work on other productive areas.…

Medical Frontiers: AI Deep Learning Applications in Diagnosing Eye Diseases


The primary goal of scientific research in the medical field is to identify and develop effective means to detect diseases. Such is the case for eye diseases, of which about 80% are preventable and curable.Artificial intelligence has been instrumental in inspiring a lot of research activity, together with the support of tech companies similar to that of Virginia Beach IT services in facilitating the availability of hard data for use in these endeavors.

Here are a few groundbreaking examples.

AI-driven eye diagnosis as accurate as doctors:
An artificial intelligence (AI) machine-learning algorithms have been developed by researchers from Johns Hopkins University to diagnose age-related macular degeneration (AMD) as accurate as human doctors.They created a deep learning-based machine grading technique to automatically assess AMD from magnified images of the eye also known as fundus images.

The study started in 2015 and the researchers began looking into ways on how to automate AMD diagnosis. This resulted in the development of an AI machine using a non-invasive imaging technique that provides high-quality multiple images of the retina.These techniques were found to also diagnose other diseases of the retina such as diabetic retinopathy, and also have the potential to diagnose neurodegenerative and vascular disorders.

AI tech used for diabetes-related eye diseases:
Researchers from the Google Brain initiative have developed an intuitive and self-optimizing AI algorithm that can study large volumes of eye images to detect eye problems caused by diabetes such as diabetic retinopathy (DR) and diabetic macular edema (DME).

The deep learning tool was found to detect these conditions with a high degree of accuracy.The deep learning algorithm is developed from artificial intelligence (AI) platforms in which a neural network performs an evaluative task through repetition and self-correction processes.The AI algorithm was trained with 128,175 fundus images from various levels of diabetic retinal disease which is then graded to reveal the different severity stages.

“We feel that with this kind of technology, once it is fully deployed, there will be more people screened for this disease and decreased rates of uncontrolled diabetic vision loss and diabetic retinopathy,” the researchers said.However, more work is still needed before the algorithm would qualify for clinical use and trials but the end goal is to increase access to available therapies and reduce costs for the screening and treatment of these eye diseases.

With AI poised to provide additional advanced resources for other health conditions, it won’t be long before tech companies that provide IT consulting would soon be recognized for its valuable contributions in technology sharing and cross-border collaboration to start healing the world one disease at a time.…