8 Food Destinations and Experiences in Australia Every Foodie Needs to Visit

8 Food Destinations and Experiences in Australia Every Foodie Needs to Visit

From incredible meat and seafood to the finest wines and refreshing beers, Australia has it all. But besides the great eats, there are also unforgettable experiences that will let you savour the flavours while taking in the stunning sceneries. There are heaps of great destinations and experiences just waiting to be discovered. Get a head start with our top picks:


Who says all the good food is only on the mainland? With its high-quality air, water and soil, Tasmania consistently produces world-class produce and wine, making it home to some of the country’s best restaurants and a staple of Australian food culture. While you’re in the state, a visit to farmers markets such as Hobart’s Salamanca Market is an absolute must.

No visit to Tassie is complete without sampling the fresh seafood. And what better way to enjoy delicious lobster, oysters, and salmon than with scenery? You can enjoy the view while drinking wine and eating sea urchins for the ultimate experience.

Hunter Valley

For wine lovers, a day in the Hunter Valley is a no-brainer. Australia’s oldest wine region is home to award-winning Semillon, Chardonnay and Shiraz varieties, all thanks to its Mediterranean climate, which is generally warm but cool enough to grow the grapes at their best.

Why settle for just a wine tasting when you can pair it with gourmet food prepared by a professional chef? Enjoy different wines from three boutique wineries complemented by authentic Aussie delicacies. You’ll also have the opportunity to shop at the Sydney Fish Markets and have breakfast while enjoying views of the Hawkesbury River.

Barossa Valley

When it comes to Australian wine, you can’t go wrong with South Australia. Named one of the great wine capitals of the world (along with Napa Valley and Bordeaux), it has proven to be the best in its class and the Barossa Valley is its crown jewel. The region’s red wines, such as Cabernets and Shiraz, are simply phenomenal.

For the ultimate day in Australia’s premier wine country, hop aboard and experience the best the valley has to offer. From your Adelaide hotel, learn about the art of winemaking before enjoying a full lunch and wine tasting at the Lambert Estate. Then end the day on a sweet note with some chocolates and wine at the Barossa Valley Chocolate Company.

Mornington Peninsula

Just an hour’s drive from Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula is a quick and easy day trip that will satisfy any foodie’s appetite. From fresh, locally sourced produce to critically acclaimed pinot noir, it’s all about quality. Then there are the views… Where else can you dine at a vineyard overlooking the ocean or lake?

Can’t be bothered to organize your trip? It’s a piece of cake. All you have to do is work up an appetite and the rest takes care of itself. With convenient round-trip transport, you’ll be taken to five different wineries to taste different types of wine paired with food and have lunch at Merricks before heading back to Melbourne.


To get a real feel for Australia’s food scene, you need to visit one of its emerging foodie destinations, and there’s no better place than Brisbane. Queensland’s capital is no slouch when it comes to offering first-class, casual dining experiences. From beloved classics to experimental dishes, you’ll find it all at Brissie’s.

Upgrade your regular food and try the . Each course is paired with an expertly chosen wine to bring out all the flavors for an unforgettable dining adventure, perfect for date nights and special occasions!

Sunshine Coast

Another Queensland city with a vibrant food scene, the Sunshine Coast has much to offer beyond its beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and excellent weather. Whether you’re in the mood for seafood, Asian or vegan food, the city won’t disappoint.

Quench your thirst here, where you’ll enjoy the best gins, beers, wines (and food) from four different breweries and distilleries. You’ll also get a behind-the-scenes look at the beverage production process and learn from an expert how to truly experience wine.


We can’t talk about the food scene in Australia without mentioning Sydney. Its excellent seafood, diverse cuisines, and pub culture make it one of Australia’s top foodie destinations. You don’t even have to board a plane to get delicious, authentic food from around the world. Whether it’s Brazilian, Vietnamese, or Italian, you have plenty of options in the Emerald City.

Experience a beach day like no other here. Did we mention it’s on a secluded beach? This is a gourmet lunch you don’t want to miss with Meadowbank Restaurant.


Calling all coffee addicts! Melbourne is the place to be. Voted the city with the best coffee in the world, it offers an innovative take on the classics, fantastic coffees and creative brewers. Coffee has not only become an art form, but has also become a part of everyday life for Melbourne’s.

Immerse yourself in Australian food culture with a . A knowledgeable local will take you to the most iconic spots, as well as hidden gems, to get a comprehensive overview of the famous coffee scene. In addition to great coffee, you can also enjoy lunch, chocolates, tea, and other treats!

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